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Our furniture is built to last and it will look as good today as it will in 20 years. We create bespoke, innovative, functional and long lasting solutions that would make you house your home with our made to measure kitchens, bedroom wardrobes’ Offices, Studies and living space furniture. Everything we do is inspired by your needs.


Our understanding is that your home reflects your individuality. The design process collaborates your wishes with our expertise. We work with you to capture your ideas and sense of style and transform them into reality. Book a design visit.


Each piece is made to order and every detail is carefully considered. Made to measure means what it says. All our furniture is specifically tailored to the contours of your space, your choices of colours and colour combinations, and finishing design patterns to suit your storage needs and lifestyle. Everything we do responds to the challenge you give us.

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We know it could be time consuming and sometimes confusing to look for a good storage option system. There could be quite a few questions you may need to ask yourself before submitting a Contact Form. It could be the colour, the design, etc.

If you want to find the best ways to improve you storage whether it’s in the Bedroom, Office or Kitchen all you need to do is fill in this Quick Contact Form. Get a rough estimate of what your project will cost by simply sending us the basic sizes of the space you’d want to use. Send us the basic sizes of your future project for Quick Quotations with no obligations .


We aim to answer to all contact inquiries as quick as we can up to 48 hours after submitting . If you can always email your inquiries directly to or get in touch on 07984024110.

The quotes provided would serve as a guide price and the more details are included in the Form, the more accurate the quotation. Please, describe the details as much as possible like colours (Matt/Gloss), door types (Opening/Sliding), accessories (Mirrors/Lights), etc.

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Sepp Interiors. The Fitted Wardrobe Specialist.

Why Fitted Wardrobes?

Compare to Fitted Wardrobes the Free standing ones come in set sizes. That leaves lots of wasted space at the sides, behind, and above where they are placed.

Sepps Bespoke Fitted Wardrobes ensure that the most out of the space behind the doors is used. This is also known as the carcass system which is more commonly used and referred to as standard. From wall to wall and right up to the ceiling giving up to twice the space compared to freestanding wardrobes.

Karkas Installation System from our Fitted Wardrobes Range.

By using clever hanging and shelving solutions we provide you with up to 100% more storage space compared to freestanding wardrobes.

While the carcass option is the most popular and used one, and provides a lot more storage than freestanding wardrobes, there is an other option for you when it comes to Bespoke Fitted Wardrobes.

The front frame system installation.

This brilliant thing bout this system is that it does not require carcass. That means that there is no back or top panels therefor ensuring you get 100% of the space behind the doors. This is also the way respected companies such as Sharps Bedrooms install their products.

Front Frame System Installation from our Fitted Wardrobes Range.

In comparison the difference between Sharps Bedrooms and Sepp Interiors is that we do not work with set sizes. That way we know you will always get a truly bespoke, Made To Measure Wardrobe. We also offer A Huge choice of colours for frames and doors so the standards are only determined by you.

Our Fitted Wardrobes are designed to fit in even the most awkward shaped rooms.

An Amazing addition to our Fitted Wardrobes Range.

Lofts, Bedrooms, Kitchens, Offices, Living Rooms and every little corner of the house you want to utilise. There really are no limits to what we can do together. If you can imagine it we will build it for you.

Regardless of the installation system you chose to go with our experienced Installers will make sure you product is fitted to the highest standards.

Sepp Interiors. The Fitted Wardrobes Specialists.

No job too small!

No job is big or small only thinking makes it so. 

English Proverb

You don’t need to have a lot of space to make it feel like home. 
We believe that it doesn’t matter how big or small a project is. If you think it’s worth it, then it’s worth it. 

We are 100% committed to satisfy your every requirement

We are 100% committed to satisfy your every requirement, should you consider it important, to take us to that ideal picture of your home you have in your mind. Regardless of whether you want to improve your Bedroom, by adding more storage to it. Or you just want to change the look of your kitchen. Or even just adding a couple of doors to cover and utilize that bit of space under the stairs, we are here for you.

Is it worth it?

While it often isn’t worth investing in small projects, no job is too small. Following that we promise to try and beat any quotation you may already have for a bespoke/made to measure product. We know that by the time you come to us, you would already have a few offers.o you would have an idea of the current price range of the product you’re interested in. This is why we also know that our prices are truly competitive. We must mention here that comparison of prices could only be made between made to measure products and not between the prices of freestanding or flat pack furniture to bespoke ones. The individual price of a small home improvement project, subject to a discounted offer as a part of larger projects also doesn’t qualify as a match for comparison.

You already know about the advantages of made to measure furniture. So when compared to flat pack or freestanding one, it really is a no brainer. If you wish to know more on those please visit out Why Fitted Wardrobes page.

Enquire today for the best prices!

Sepp Interiors. The Fitted Wardrobe Specialists.

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